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Mind, Body, & Health Maintenance are an important factor to our life and our family’s life. In a world of ever growing expectations and deadlines, it is hard for a person to find time for themselves to activate our mind, body, and spirit. Our team members believe in making time to exercise our mind and body for at least 30 minutes a day. Our site offers guidance in setting aside time to reflect on our goals in life and keeping our body healthy through balance, strength, and flexibility. A happy self, leads to a happy community.

Our products and advice give you an opportunity to gain your own strength, balance, and flexibility in all realms of life, ensuring that you’re giving back a positive energy towards your family and friends in today’s fast paced world.



Where are we located?

 7391 Bush Lake Rd Ste C Edina, MN 55439



What is our mission?

Slide-Board.com is striving to educate those interested in mind & body health maintenance. Our goal is to provide honest answers to questions regarding health and fitness. Our belief is a healthy mind & body stem from reflecting on our actions and taking charge of our own decisions. Fitness for the mind & body starts with you, and it starts with good decisions. We're here to provide you with factual information to encourage you to make great decisions in the future.

How can you help yourself find enjoyment?

Life is fast paced and only getting faster. We want to help you stop and take a breath, and make sure you take in all the sights and sounds. Your time and life is precious and you only get one. Our recommendation is to tune into your health, find time to reflect on your thoughts, and balance your work and leisure time. 

Are we a large company?

Slide-Board.com is a small community based company located in Hopkins, MN. We're run by extradary people that are doing their best to harmonize this fast paced world. We belive in strength, balance, and flexibility in every aspect of our life and provide equipment and information that is tied to those values.


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