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Slide Board Training - Crossfit

Are you an athlete? Have you ever considered using a slide board for training? A slide board is a great training aid that assists many athletes, especially with crossfit training. Here is some information on how you can use slide board training for crossfit to better your overall performance.

Regardless of whether or not you are a law enforcement or military member in training, a mountain bike rider, or an elderly individual with heart disease, crossfit training is a sport involving continuous & consecutive cardiovascular exercises that enhance physical skills needed for any sport, strengthening the mind and body connection, and encouraging the belief in fitness. Crossfit is a popular sport because its exercises can be used as training for almost every challenge in life.

So what does a slide board actually do and how can it assist crossfit athletes in training?


- Designed to simulate the competitive environment  

- Increases muscle stability  

- Serves as a resource for core exercise  

- Provides excellent symmetry  

- Requires athletes to focus on the mind-body connection  

- Focuses on full body training 

Slide board training helps strengthen the entire body and increases endurance. The side to side motions help to tone muscles and build leaner body mass. It also forces athletes to push themselves to build strength so they can do that last push up, or sit up, or run that last mile.

Slide board training for crossfit competitions is an excellent way to incorporate all the crucial aspects of fitness required to perform at a high level. Using slide board training exercises for your workout routine will help you strengthen core muscles needed for crossfit or any sport. It also helps simulate any training environment such as an Olympic racetrack or an ice hockey rink. It allows the athlete to focus on the fitness rather than becoming caught up in the environment such as at home or at a gym.

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