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Slide Board Training - Cycling

Are you really into cycling? Cycling is great exercise that really works and tones the lower half of your body. While other forms of exercise can help with cycling training, have you ever considered using a slide board for cycling strength training? A slide board is a great training tool that assists many athletes, especially with cycling training. Here is some information on how you can use slide board training for your cycling training needs.

Cycling is an extremely popular sport that develops a lot of lower body strength and endurance. There are also a number of other physical activities that can assist in cycling training. Some of these activities include swimming, running, skating, or even skiing. However, another extremely effective activity that helps boost cross training for cycling is slide board training. It’s a very effective aid that challenges you to use your core and legs strength.

So what is a slide board and how can it assist athletes with strength training?


- Enables endurance and conditioning

- Increases and improves cardiovascular endurance 

- Improves hip and pelvic area muscle stability and strength

- Assists with core exercises and toning 

- Serves as a muscle stabilizer 

- Incorporates several training activities in one to provide results

Slide board training serves as an excellent resource that helps cross training for cycling. Slide board training helps improve and build endurance; conditioning and toning; strengthens and stabilizes hip, pelvic, and core muscles; and strengthens breathing. It also helps to build dexterity and range of motion in the thighs, quads, knees, and calves. Since running and inline skating help athletes train for cycling, using a slide board can simulate these movements. The side-to-side motions also help training cyclists keep time, strides, and form consistently.

Incorporating cycling slide board training into your exercise or training routine can help improve your skill level, build muscle and strength, and even help you train for that next triathlon event. Whether you are running, swimming or skating, slide board training incorporates the muscle movements and activity used in these sports to help you prepare for your cycling events.

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