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Figure Skating

Slide Board - Figure Skating Aid

Is figure skating your passion? Figure skating is not only beautiful and a delicate art, it is also a great sport and exercise that involves a lot of strength training and endurance to be your best. Unlike other sports, figure skating involves both on ice and off ice training. Figure skaters can try using a slideboard for figure skating off ice training to help improve balance and coordination. A slideboard is a powerful and effective tool used in training for many sports, including figure skating. Here is some information on how you can use skating slideboard training to improve your skills on the ice.

Figure skating involves a lot of lower body strength and endurance. While running can help build up strength for skating, another extremely effective activity that helps with off ice figure skating training is slideboard training.

So how does a slideboard work and how can it assist figure skaters as a figure skating training aid?


- Provides excellent cardio workout 

- Increases and improves balance 

- Generates overall muscle strength and endurance 

- Improves athletic form and control 

- Serves as a tool to practice spins, strokes, and footwork 

- Improves and increases stamina

Figure skating slideboard training serves as a resource that helps training figure skaters simulate skating movements to help build and strengthen inner and outer thigh muscles. Slideboard training is even used in Olympic training development programs.

Not only does the slideboard help figure skaters to recreate skating movements, but it also helps skaters work on footwork, jumps, spins, and strokes; improves skating form, control and balance; conditions and tones; and even provides substantial aerobic and anaerobic conditioning and efficiency.

Skating slideboard training can help skaters work on specific jumps, turns, and footwork and sequences in their routines. All the while, they are getting an excellent cardio work out and strengthening, toning, and conditioning muscles in addition to building overall stamina, control, balance, and endurance.

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