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Slide Board Training - Hockey

Successful hockey players have to work diligently to not only become great skaters, but to maintain their high level of competency in the various hockey skills. Getting adequate ice time is naturally very important, but with recent technological innovations, almost any surface can be turned into a de facto facility for working on skating and puck skills.

Slide boards are one of the easiest methods to turn your apartment, garage or living room into an off-ice training center. Slide boards, which come with specially designed slide board booties to go over your feet or shoes, can offer a solution to your off ice hockey training.

So what does a slide board do and how can it assist hockey athletes training in the off-seaon?


- Provides aerobic activity that increases overall fitness

- Increase a number of hockey skills such as skating, balance, and proprioception(joint position awareness)

- Enhances shooting and stickhandling skills while in motion

- Creates a full body workout station in a location.

Leg strength is an obvious benefit, in that you are mimicking the muscles used when actually skating. The balance aspect is one that is quite intriguing, given that the slipperiness of the slide board will actually exceed that found on the ice.

By becoming proficient on the slide board, you should notice an uptick in your overall balance. That, in turn, should translate into better overall skating skills that can be applied in several situations on the ice. Slide board exercises are designed to target your entire body helping you maintain perfect symmetry throughout.

All slide boards are equipped with a non-slip coating on the bottom to ensure sound footing, and are coated with a state-of-the art material to guarantee an extremely slippery sliding surface. Though the slide board is quite long, it rolls up for easy storage and comes with a carrying case to make traveling a breeze.

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