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Rehab Training

Slideboard Training - Rehab Training

Did you encounter an injury recently that keeps you from working out or enjoying your favorite sports? If so, and if the injury was severe enough, you may be attending regular physical therapy sessions. However, what if there was something you can do on your own to help your injury and get back to doing what you love faster, that is also considered great exercise and even strengthens muscles? Consider using a slideboard as a sports rehab training aid.

Regardless of the injury, whether it was sports induced or by another force or accident, a slideboard is a great tool that is proven to assist in rebuilding strength and endurance in damaged or injured muscles and ligaments. It is also a great exercise and physical activity, and is a very important component to training.

So what exactly is a slideboard and how does it work as a rehab training aid?


- Designed to help regain movement ability

- Serves as an excellent cross training tool

- Stimulates overall aerobic and anaerobic development and endurance 

- Improves and regains form, control, balance, and stability

- Strengthens muscles that support knee ligaments 

- Provides excellent therapy to key muscles and even helps prevent further injuries

A common sports-related injury is tearing the Anterior Cruciate Ligament, or commonly known as the ACL, which is located in the knee. In fact, the slideboard is one of the most effective ACL rehab training aids used after injury and surgery. Sliding on the slideboard improves knee extension strength, balance and stability, and even inner-thigh strength. These are the areas that a slideboard targets during use. In fact, the slideboard is used by many licensed physical therapists, can be seen in gyms and other training facilities, and even hospitals.

In addition, rehab slideboard training can be an effective rehabilitation and therapeutic tool for just about any injury. Most endurance-focused athletes target strengthening quads, hamstrings, glutes, and even calves. The slideboard also helps athletes focus on the control muscles with the side to side motions. In strengthening these control muscles, this will help athletes reduce the risk of injury.

(Please check with your professional/licensed physical therapist to ensure the slideboard is right for your rehab assignment.)


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