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Slide Board Training - Skiing

Do you love skiing? Skiing is not only a fun and enjoyable sport, but it’s also great exercise! Skiing requires a lot of lower body strength and endurance. Many of the exercises involving skiing movements involve squats, lunges, and abdominal work outs. These exercises allow skiers to improve lateral movements and make skiing more enjoyable. Another great way to improve your skiing muscles is by using a slide board for your skiing training.


Skiing also involves a great deal of conditioning and training, particularly of the lower body. Some great skiing conditioning exercises involve the BOSU, medicine ball, resistance bands, cable machines, and slide boards for skiing strength training. By performing slide board workouts away from the slopes, you’ll be ready to rock the steepest peak once the snow falls.

So what is a slide board and how does it help skiers as a skiing training aid?


- Provides great levels of conditioning 

- Builds and strengthens core muscles

- Improves balance and stability 

- Trains on all planes of movement

- Improves multi-directional strength training

- Focuses on full body training

Skiing slideboard training serves as a resource that helps skiers simulate ski movements to help build and strengthen thigh muscles, glutes, lateral, and core muscles. Slideboard training is even used in group skiing training sessions.

Not only does the slide board help skiers recreate and practice skiing movements, but it also serves as a key ski training aid to allow skiers to work on form, control and balance, while it helps condition, tone, and strengthen key muscles used to maneuver the steepest mountains.

Regardless of whether you ski professionally or for recreation or leisure, skiing strength training is important to help skiers of all levels to improve balance, build lateral and core muscles, and to help condition and build endurance to conquer even the most challenging peaks.

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