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Sports Training



Crossfit Training | Slide Boards

Crossfit is a training program developed for strength and conditioning through varied workouts. Crossfit requires all different facets of physical skills: strength, flexibility, staminia, coordination, balance, speed, and power. It is a very unpredictable sport that keeps participants ready for the unexpected and trains functional movements. Slide boards can offer more than the lateral movements most people assume, allowing people to train all portions of their body. Pair crossfit methods with a slide board to perform cardio, power, flexibility, and speed exercises during your home workouts. Find out how slide boards can offer functional fitness that can increase your results at the crossfit gym. Crossfit Slide Board Training


Cycling Training | Slide Boards

Cycling is a great way to stay in shape and an excellent source of transportation. It can be competitive or simply for joy. It also offers people a chance to exercise in a low impact environment, unlike running. Slide boards also offer a great way to train in a low impact environment. In addition to lower body building, they offer a variety of core and upper body workouts great for cycling strength. Find out how slide board training can help you maximize your cycling experience. Cycling Slide Board Training


Figure Skating Training | Slide Boards

Figure skating requires mass amounts of detail & physical skills. The balance, strength, flexibility, power, and coordination are undeniable for a figure skater. Among these abilities lies a unknown commitment required to become an excellent figure skater. The sacrifice and effort put into training leads to many hours on the ice. However, many figure skaters have started to use slide boards to practice their art away from the rink. Slide boards offer a way to train physical traits that are used during their performance. Find out the details on why slide boards are being used in the figure skating world. 


Ice Hockey Training | Slide Boards

Hockey is a sport that requires physical skills such as endurance, power, agility, and speed. It’s true that hockey skating is hard to replicate away from the rink. The muscles required to push and glide are not the same as biking or running. The slide board offers a great avenue to train your lower body away from the rink. The lower body power and endurance developed on a slide board easily transfer to the skating stride used on the ice. Find out what other features the slide board offers hockey players. Hockey Slide Board Training


Skiing Training | Slide Boards

Downhill skiing requires an abundance amount of strength in the legs, core and upper body. It also requires endurance, balance, and great stability to maneuver the moguls, trees, and steep slopes. These attributes are difficult to train year round due to the lack of snow. However, slide boards have been used to train skiers during the off season. Find out why and what slide board exercises are performed on a slide board during the off season to keep many skiers in tip top shape! Skiing Slide Board Training


Rehab Training | Slide Boards

Rehabilitation is a difficult time in a person’s life. To overcome an injury or ailment requires a tremendous amount of courage and determination. Most often rehabilitation patients are asked to perform rigorous exercises to increase mobility and strength in the injured body part. Many patients find it stressful having to leave home on a daily basis to rehab their injury and are searching for an alternative. Slide boards offer patients a way to strengthen their body in a low impact setting while staying at home. They allow people to perform multiple strength building and mobility enhancing exercises that play an important factor in their rehabilitation. Find out what slide boards can offer rehabilitation patients and how they can help speed up your recovery. Rehab Slide Board Training


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